Laser cutting is a technique that separates or divides steel by heating the material to melting temperature. This process is achieved by two simultaneous processes: the stimulated emission of radiation and an extremely high-pressure gas flow (normally oxygen, nitrogen or argon) that pushes the molten material away. The area of metal that has been thermally affected by radiation is extremely limited, which helps prevent distortions to the material and changes to its physical properties.


Metal use is optimised as the cutting width and the material expelled is minimal.

The cutting walls are perpendicular to the piece worked and are parallel to each other and not rounded, as with other cutting procedures. 

Cutting Capacities:

Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Size: 6000 x 2000  


Carbon steel: from 0.5 mm to 5 mm

Stainless steel: from0.5 mm to 20 mm

Aluminium: from 0.5 mm to 12 mm

                             See the video

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