Water jet cutting

Water jet cutting is a cutting technique that separates any type of material through the impact of a pressurised, high-speed water jet. A mixture of water and abrasive, hard materials is frequently used (stainless steel, carbon steel, etc.). Using a system of high-pressure pumps (capable of attaining over 4200 bars) this mixture is propelled from a minute nozzle (normally from 0.01 to 0.5mm in diameter) at extremely high pressure and speed, which cuts the material.

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Characteristics of water jet cutting

A high quality cut finish. In most cases later cutting stages are not required.

This is a cold cutting process and no thermal procedures are applied to the material.

The walls of the cut are perpendicular to the piece and parallel to each other due to the operation of a dynamic head that compensates for any inclination in the cut.

Metal use is optimised as the cutting width and the material expelled is minimal, as is the separation between the pieces.